Sunday, March 20, 2011


I just noticed that this blog is pretty much turning into unnecessary posts and updates. And not that that's bad or anything but I'm losing my style. So what's to do? Well, it surprisingly is quite obvious. I need to go back to that style I used to have where I was informed and ready to debate. The only problem with that is that I really have no idea where to get any inspiration from. I mean seriously, I have been dimmed to such a level that I really have no clue where to start. But something came by me today that just struck me like a brick. And now I have a bruise on my arm because of it, but that's beside the point. Anyways, I've been watching John Green's videos lately and I'm starting to realize that we have A LOT in common. We both share similar political views, and are not afraid to express them to the public. We both share a interest in literature and I'm guessing he loves to write like I do (he's written a few novels, so I'm only basing it off of that). He often refers to himself as a nerd, which in turn is what I usually do. We both like to talk about fun facts and like to talk about interesting things (what Lady Gaga said on twitter is not an interesting thing). I'm talking about straight-up mind blowing things, (perhaps not mind blowing, but extremely interesting). Like Russian Tsars or Archdukes of Austria. Well, at least WE both find those things interesting. You might not, but no matter.

Anyhow, for the past four (maybe five) months, I've been wanting to make vlogs on Youtube. The only problem is ... well, my voice is awful. I just don't like it on camera. I'm fine with it when I hear it myself (through my skull which is frankly just the vibrations it causes on my brain that is what I hear) but when I hear it on recording I just freak the freak out. But people don't seem to feel that way, which is weird because people are quite opinionated naturally. To have no complaints about my voice when little things always deserve critique from people seems like a counter-paradox (that term is completely being used incorrectly, isn't it?). Anyways, I might go back to thinking about vloging and I'm hoping to get some viewers soon. Thus, we return to what this blog has to do with anything. If I'm making vlogs, what does that leave for this blog? Well, not much. That's what I'm concerned about and I keep thinking over this decision. So, for now, I have no idea what's going to happen. I just know that I'm changing my style to something I like (I FINALLY FOUND A STYLE, YAY!) and I'm going to make a few things much more interesting. Thanks to John Green I believe that I have found a correct path and I'm going to try to stick to it.

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