Saturday, March 26, 2011

Must you be a hipster?

Hello. It is very late tonight, but I'm still typing. I know, it's surprising. Any who, I was out in Beavercreek tonight with my family, just going around to some shops and getting somethings. One of which was a novel called 1984, which you need to read for it is fantastic. Anyways, we decided to go to Chick-fil-a (or however you spell that) to get some dinner. We ordered, we sat down, we ate, and then we got our free refills. As we were getting our refills, it happened. My heart dropped, and everyone began to stare. Walking through the door into the restaurant was someone no other than a ... hipster. Yes, the agony. If you aren't aware of what hipsters are then let me explain. Hipsters are basically people who follow the hipster subculture of urban clothing mixed with bohemian style. Not that this is bad or anything, because it isn't, but it is the personality that most have that tends to get on people's nerves. Most have this arrogant, stuck-up way that they walk, how they talk, how they simply do everything. And if you heard anything about hipsters, they are known for saying things such as, "You probably never heard of that," or, "That's too mainstream," only to further that arrogance that comes off from them. It's a foul stench, I must say.

Anyways, this hipster comes into the restaurant and my family begins to stare. They all know my feelings toward hipsters, and knew I was bound to say something. And thus, I did. I whispered to my father, "HIPSTER," and he smiled. Yes, even he knew that this person was a hipster, more of a hipster wannabe actually. They were wearing those glasses with metallic circles on the corners, they looked as though they hadn't shaved in months, looked awfully dirty, yet still had this persona as though they were better than every single person in the room. Yes, I know that I'm not one to talk, but when someone like a hipster enters my life, I have to do something. It's only fair for all the work they do to people all the time. So instead of going up to them and telling them how hipster they are, I decided to write about it now. And I am at this moment. So I guess that idea is becoming true.

Overall, this post is displaying my annoyance with hipsters. I don't hate them, but I have a large dislike against them. And not because how they dress, but of how they act. It isn't funny, so stop. Be you, for once. Everyone knows that people are not simply identical, we are all different. So we can't make a culture of our own that A LOT of people can follow. Instead, we need to do what we want to do, act how we want to act, instead of following what we think is popular. Because in all seriousness, not that many like hipsters. So it isn't much too popular. Well, only popular in the negative sense. DARN YOU HIPSTERS!

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