Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have You Ever ...? (#2)

For all you males out here, this one is for you! Just kidding. I don't deliver messages like that. I'm not a ... Stephen Colbert, I don't do things like him. Am I admiring Mr. Colbert right now? Maybe. But I'll never tell.

Have you ever been in a restroom, and it's all empty? So it's like, "F*ck yeah! Empty restroom! All to myself!" Then, as you're using the urinal, a really tall guy walks in and uses the urinal RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! It's like, "Hello? There's multiple urinals over there. Why we have to be right next to each other in order for you to urinate?" Then you suddenly stop peeing for some reason and you keep trying to but nothing comes out. But there's still that feeling that you do. So you have to wait until the guy leaves (and there is always that awkward silence while he's using the restroom). And for some reason, most of them wash their hands really slowly. So it's like five minutes until they're done. Finally, they leave. Then you're like, "OMG! That took forever." Right as some urine starts to flow, another man walks in and repeats the process. You give up and hold in your pee because of some butt-wipes.

Has this ever happened to you? Post a comment with your story.

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