Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, what's up with y'all? I have not made a blog entry in like two months, and I apologize. I've had to deal with ... GYM. Yes, I know, it was torturous. But I finished it and I'm so glad. During my experiences, I made a few novel ideas that I'm very proud of. I'm currently reading Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged, which is good so far. I've made a few viable claims politically for my belief because people keep getting mad at me for not being fully informed with EVERYTHING they believe. And to that, I just smack thee! Excuse me sir for not knowing everything single thing of your political belief. But I'm pretty sure you don't either. And at least I get my information from liable sources; you just get it from whatever the English teacher tells you (this will be explained in an entry I'm dying to write). Anyways, I've been sick lately with a cold, I learned most of my friends are moving far across the state during the summer break, Ayn Rand is a fantastic author no matter her political belief, and Bioshock is the greatest video game ever created. That's all for those two months. Nothing too much. Black Swan!

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