Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have You Ever ....? (#1)

Have you ever been watching television, and there is nothing on? So you do something else to pass the time? Then randomly, someone comes into the room while you're doing something else, and they decide to turn the channel? Then they just keep turning the channels and finally notice there is NOTHING ON? So they just leave the room all mad as though YOU caused the television to be useless at that time?

Yeah, it's annoying. If you have an opinion on this, write it in the comments section.

(This is a new type of blog I wanted to start that truly just asks questions. I'm going to start a vlog soon, so I won't have much time and creativity left to write full-blown blog entries as I did in the past, but I'll try when I can. To compensate, I will bring up a subject to you, the reader, that I want your opinion on. Sorry for the inconvenience, but school is getting tedious and all these extra activities are draining my mind out)

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