Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Frosty Really A Snowman, Or A Wendy's Desert?

Just wakin' up, as usual, and I notice the clock says 8 o'clock. What?! My God, I'm late for school! But as I was running to my bathroom to brush my teeth, I saw an anonymous white fog through the curtains of my window. I pushed them open, only slightly, and saw the magnificent glory of the color white. Wait, back that up; I mean the glorious color of snow, because I don't like the color white much. Anyways, it was snowing, and I was of joy. To pile upon the excitement was the fact that my school had a two hour delay, watcha! So now, I just sit; waiting for 9:30 a.m. so I can leave. But for some reason, I want to go to school. Miraculously, the snow made me fond of the bricked solitude; which is odd in my books. Not to say I don't like school all the time, I'm a straight A student. But sometimes I'd rather block out the fools that call themselves "jocks".

I'm bored today, so I'll talk about snow again. Has it ever occurred to you that if it's so cold in the outer layers of Earth, that snow would be inhabiting it? I mean really, the water cycle states that it evaporates and goes into the air. Isn't that air cold? If so, that would make the water turn to snow. Or ice, whatever you prefer. Wouldn't that make the outer layer of Earth a snow and ice sphere, making Earth look like Hoth? And also, what makes the process of snow different than ice? If you look, they both go through the water cycle, so what is different?

This isn't going as planned. I can't think of anymore questions about snow. Hm, what to ask? What about snowmen? Yes, snowmen. Or better yet, Frosty the Snowman. Does he really come to life, just on the fact of his hat? Can a hat really make an inanimate object come to life? No, I don't think so. Why the creators wanted to entice children to put hats on random things, just to see if it's capable of living, is absurd. I know that kids are young, but that is plainly just common sense. You can't put a hat on a dead body and call it living again now can you; no, you can't.

Also, Frosty is just one big vanilla Frosty from Wendy's. You know, the treat that's usually chocolate, but now they have vanilla or any other topping to put on it. But surprisingly, they don't have strawberry. If you have chocolate, and you have vanilla, just finish it with strawberry. It isn't that complicated. Anyways, Wendy's stole from the theory of the children's song, and that bothers me much so. If Wendy's can't take the heat of business, why do they still remain? It isn't as if they can keep copying for long, they'll just go out of business. I sure hope they don't, though. I am surprisingly a fan of their food.

But to conclude this blog, I will leave you with one last thought about Frosty the Snowman. Why does he always smoking a pipe?