Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is Sonic Really Faster Than Light?

 I was just watchin' Sonic X last Saturday morning, and I came across a pair of questions. How does Sonic run so fast, and how does he talk if he's a hedgehog? There isn't any special crystal or the aspect that he just learned it, so what's the answer? There isn't one, because the creators of Sonic didn't think it up. And really, emeralds? The whole idea is based around chaos emeralds that for some reason are a fetish to a pedophile with a weird moustache; how original. That was sarcasm, just so you know. I could have thought up of Dr. Eggman in my sleep, he looks just like the killer in The Lovely Bones movie. I kidd you not, if you watch that movie, (which you shouldn't, horrible movie), then you will see the resemblance. I mean seriously, his body is the shape of an egg, which is not funny. Obesity is major problem in America, and he is just supporting it more.

But as I was saying before I started on Robotnik, (Dr. Eggpuss, who I only call that because he reminds me of a cat for some reason), Sonic never has a reason to his accomplishments. He can somehow speak, and even better, he can speak English. Unless he actually came from the United States, England, parts of Canada, or any part of world that speaks such language, then they need an explanation. Also, what makes those shoes so special? I mean really, Shadow and Silver both wear them, and they can run like Gemini Man on steroids. But truly, I'm not that mad about their speed. I couldn't frankly care less. I've seen others who have even faster speed, like Speed Racer, or Jerry running from Tom. So I'll leave that alone, the creators are okay on that one; but the whole speech thing is upsetting me. And it isn't just Sonic X that does it. Almost every show with a creature separate from a human somehow speaks the language of the viewers. Such as One Piece or My Neighbor Totoro, (which happen to be one of best shows and best movies of all time). But seriously, every show has characters speaking a language usually non foreign to us, without an explanation. I need an explanation.

Well, I'm done now. I'm still in constant question on why people make animals speak, but I should find out soon. If you know the answer why, tell in the comments section below. But if you don't know, just enjoy these last sentences for today. So ... salutes for now.

"Silence! I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius in the world!" -Robotnik (See how much of an butt Eggman is. Really, he has to be such a cocky thing?)

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  1. Eggman=0 (an egg) robotnik=>:( (an envioussymbol)