Friday, March 18, 2011

Am I The Lorax Of Your Eye?

So ... how are you? It's currently raining cats and dogs as well as their toys out here where I live and I ... I love it. Yes, I am a devouted fan of rain and would much rather have it rain all winter than snow. You know, snow is somewhat boring. It's all white and stuff ... while rain is completely clear and such an empty canvas. I also love the sound it makes. Ever hear snow make a sound when it touches the ground? I didn't think so. But you can hear rain from a mile away. Maybe not a mile away, but you understand my point. You do understand it, right? Needless to say, rain is a fantastic attribute to our lives and I would like to express this love through a picture:


H'm? You don't see a link to a picture? That's the point. I want you all to look outside whenever it rains and just take a picture in your mind. Paint the picture until it looks fantastic, upload it to your computer then to some type of picture downloading website (flickr, photobucket, twitpic, whatever), then send me a link in the comments section. Do whatever you want, I just want to see a picture of the rain. I'm going to keep these pictures during the summer when I'm drowning in my own sweat. I want to remember the times when life was easier, and Mother Nature gave you water and air conditioning for free. Anyways, this entry is pretty much useless but you know ... I do that a lot. I don't really like to make full pointed stories in my blogs. I already did that yesterday with Paul the pig at a Christmas dinner. Remember that? I surely hope you did.

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